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California Figs Fit A Healthy Lifestyle

FRESNO - As consumer demand for healthy, convenient and tasty food choices increase, so too does the demand for California Figs. Though an Ancient fruit and beloved for centuries, figs are on the up rise as a go-to snack and ingredient.

"Figs fit a healthy lifestyle because they're portable, delicious and nutritious," says Valerie Waters, celebrity fitness trainer to stars like Jennifer Garner and Cindy Crawford throughout her career. "I encourage my clients to seek out good-for-you food that tastes great so when you see California Figs, buy them!"


California Figs are an excellent source of fiber, and figs contribute essential vitamins and minerals to your diet, including iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and copper. Figs are also fat, sodium and cholesterol-free.

Figs Fit No Matter the Season
California Fresh Figs are available May-December. A wonderful treat all on their own, fresh figs are also an amazing addition to freshen up salads, salsas and sauces for the grill. California Dried Figs are available year-round. Keep them in your pantry as a quick and easy snack or dice them up and add them to your favorite energy ball or bar recipe.

"Breakfast is still one of the most important meals of the day and adding figs provides a natural sweetness and guarantees you're getting those extra vitamins and nutrients to power you through your day," continues Waters. "California Fresh or Dried Figs are an awesome addition to smoothies, overnight oats, yogurt bowls or breakfast toasts."

When You Think Figs, Think California
California produces 98 percent of fresh figs and 100 percent of dried figs grown in the U.S. California's fig farmers adhere to the highest standards and dedicate special care to the fig orchards that have been passed down for generations ensuring California Fresh and Dried Figs are the best quality in the world.

"You can taste the difference and you're buying local so when you think figs, think California," concludes Waters.

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