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Would Dean & Don's Breakfast Club Survive in Today's Fresno Radio Market?

FRESNO -  Would the Fresno radio market support a show like the Breakfast Club? Not the movie staring Molly Ringwald, but the morning radio show that ran on KKDJ from 1981 to 1993 staring Don Fischer and Dean Opperman. Has the Fresno radio market become far too conservative that it would no longer welcome a locally produced radio show with satire that might not fall in line with the messages of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity
Sunday on Facebook, Opperman posted a story he wrote for a newspaper about the old show. A few hours later he received a responds from his old boss Al Smith. With the permission of Mr. Opperman, we have reposted Smith's comment and Opperman's responds.

Travel Softball Whines About Increased City Fees!


- Some folks are a little upset at the city regarding increases in field usage fees for travel softball teams. Six supporters of travel teams stood in front of the Madera City Council Wednesday night to voice their concerns during the public comment portion of the meeting.

They say the increases in fees have become too expensive for most of the teams and some may be forced to find alternative places to practice and play. Some teams may even be forced to disband leaving fewer opportunities for female youth to participate.

Print Newspapers Are Dead - Get The Shovels

MADERA - The printed newspaper is dead. When the Internet exploded into everyone's homes with high speed connections, the diagnoses was given and it didn't look very good for traditional newspapers. Now that the news is as close as your computer, television, smart-phone or tablet, who needs ever purchase a print newspaper again?

I once had a conversation with Madera Tribune publisher Chuck Doud. We discussed the future of print newspapers. Chuck bleeds news ink and of course defended the product he does a great job of turning out. I on the other hand had made a simple statement that seems to be very true today, "Printed newspapers will only survive until someone invents a handheld device which lets you get the entire Internet in the bathroom."

Riot at Madera High Football Scrimmage: Admin Says Public Has No Right to Know

MADERA - While the Dinuba game ended without incident, last weeks scrimmage at Madera High's Memorial Stadium with Tulare Union ended in a riot. One Madera coach was hit by a Tulare Union player and several former Madera players from last seasons team jumped into the bench clearing brawl that by all accounts was started by the Tulare Union players.

The Death of My Uncle: The Examination of My LIfe

A Look at My Own Life After The Death of My Uncle
 by Jack W Porter, Jr.

I just learned my uncle, James Fry, died last week at the age of 78. He had been suffering from cancer for the last few years and it had spread into his brain. His family had refused to allow my mother to see him but a few weeks ago I learned he was at Community Regional Medical Center and I made arrangements for her to visit with him one last time.

I respected his family's wishes and did not go to see him myself. My mother, however, after having heard his illness had progressed to the point that he had been admitted to the hospital, was having trouble sleeping and said that she felt she needed to take what might be her last opportunity to tell her brother that she loved him one last time. So I helped her find him. Apparently he welcomed her visit and for an hour they were as close as they used to be.


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