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Save The Parade? Isn't It Already Paid For By Parking Taxes?


MADERA -  This morning in the Madera Tribune, James Glynn asks Madera citizens to file into the city council chambers tonight to save the Madera Old Timers Day Parade.

Now I love the parade as much as anyone. I haven't missed a parade in years I appreciate all the hard work the Madera Kiwanis Club does to bring events to downtown Madera like the parade, the wine stroll and the Halloween parade. The only question I have for Mr. Glynn is why do we have to save the parade that is already paid for with downtown parking taxes?

Hey Little League: It's River Park's Time To Shine

Another Big Valley News Exclusive Editorial

It's All Star season again for our Little Leaguers and this next week the District 10 tournament will kick off in Reedley and Madera with individual games being played at Sunnyside, Chowchilla and River Park.

For the last few years District 10 has also hosted a sectional tournament for the three divisions (9-10, 10-11 or 11-12) that we have in this half of the old Section 6. Some towns also support the junior and senior divisions of Little League for their teenage players and District 10 has hosted sectionals for that age group as well in Turlock and Los Banos.

Teacher's Negligence Creates Dangerous Situation For John Adams Student

MADERA - Sometimes I need to violate one of the first rules of journalism, "Don't be a part of the story or report from the first person perspective". After what happened last night at the Madera Unified Spring Concert at Lincoln Elementary, I again get to pull out my first person voice and tell you a story of a woman that does not belong in education and an administration that is worse than the previous administration the district sent back to the classroom.

First of all I must confess that I did not demonstrate model behavior. Sometimes an over-protective father takes over my brain and I want to stop the people that have hurt my kids. Last night was a good example of this.

What is Judge Wieland's Problem With The United States Marines Corp & Voters Rights?

Another Exclusive Big Valley News Editorial: Monday I was reading the Letters to the Editor section of the Madera Tribune and local judge Charles Wieland decided to write an endorsement of Joseph Soldani for Madera County Superior Court Judge.

I always thought judges tried to avoid local politics and hold themselves to a higher standard by never slinging mud. It surprised me that a sitting judge would write a letter that was so slamming of a man that has only put himself out there to serve his country and community. But what surprised me the most was how something written by that same sitting judge could be so libelous?

What the Hell is the Madera Tribune Thinking Supporting SOPA & PIPA?

Another Exclusive Big Valley News Editorial

- There are some that might not believe that I am a subscriber of the Madera Tribune. I have been a big fan of the current publisher, Chuck Doud, ever since he and a group of local citizens took ownership of the paper a few years back. There are also some that may remember that during the early years of the old Madera Online, we would battle with the Tribune and its host of former publishers from Paul Bittick to Rocky Hayes (no relation to Les Hayes).


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