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The Glenn Reitz Murder: Local Killer(s)


MADERA - Since the death of Glenn Reitz rumors have spread like wild fire. Such is human nature when a man dies in such a way. While the evidence indicates that the murderer was a transient, there are folks that believe that Reitz's murderer still lives in Madera and the investigation into a transient killer and the moving of Reitz's car to Louisiana is nothing more than a massive cover-up to protect a local man or men responsible for the death of the teacher.

The local theory is broken down into two camps. One, Reitz was involved with a local married man and wanted him to leave his wife. Two, Reitz was a part of a group of men that in secret lead a gay lifestyle and shared the company of men from gay bars in the area or hitchhikers coming through the area.

The Glenn Reitz Murder: Gay Bar Theory


MADERA - After the death of Glenn Reitz, Madera Police Captain Andrew Moore went through all of the murdered teacher’s papers and personal effects. In this search, the secret life of the victim was revealed. A private side that even today, some of his family members question and doubt. However after what Captain Moore uncovered there is no question that Reitz was keeping a very dangerous secret. One that could potentially put his life at risk every time he brought some stranger back to his house for company.

Upon finding receipts for video rentals Captain Moore drove to a Fresno adult video store that specialized in "gay porn" called the “Video Box”. The store was a part of a larger complex that also housed two gay bars, The Express and The Backroom. Moore showed a photo of the victim to employees, who recognize Reitz as being a customer in the video store and both bars.

The Glenn Reitz Murder: 28 Years Later


MADERA - Twenty-eight years after the death of Glenn Reitz, the case remains unsolved. Over the last eight weeks I have tried to lay out the entire case in all its detail hoping that maybe someone might remember something significant and call the Madera Police with tips, and several people did. A few of the tips were about the same individual that was already cleared in the murder 28 years ago and some of the tips brought new names to the case.

From the information in the police report, at the time of the murder, Madera Police turned over every stone to find a lead in the case. However, most of the reports that were provided to me were written in March and April of 1985. Not a lot of time to find the person that took away someone that did so much for so many. A man like Glenn Reitz deserved more. He deserved justice.


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