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EDITORIAL: These Days Political Difference Rarely Met with Civil Discours

EDITORIAL- Has hate become the response emotion toward everyone we disagree with or those who may be different than us? Unfortunately for many people, the answer is yes.

Political difference is rarely met with civil discourse these days; it is polarized with contempt, name calling, rhetoric, verbal assault, threats and sometimes violence; in elicit attempts to shut up, drive out, and remove opponents. Serious terms are often hurled in an attempt to silence an opponent; racist, sexist, intolerant.

Madera County Supervisor takes water war to D.C.

EDITORIAL - During the annual legislative conference in Washington D.C., Madera County Supervisor David Rogers let lawmakers and supervisors from across the nation know he means business when it comes to fighting for water storage.

“There is no water shortage,” Rogers said when addressing attendees of the National Association of Counties (NACo) this week. “There is a shortage of water storage, and certainly a shortage of common sense water policy.

Farinelli's Farewell to Madera County: Why You Should Always Vote in All Elections

EDITORIAL - I am not a politician, I am a public servant. That is why I am writing this warning to those who think it’s acceptable to sit out an election.
For months now I fought a hard campaign against a polished politician that ran an unethical campaign which I refused to partake in.

My opponent’s campaign team, made up of a well-known dirty campaign manager, a media gadfly and muckraker, and unethical family members, ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in Madera County history. This actually backfired on him and his committee.

Be Safe This Saint Patricks Weekend

EDITORIAL - St. Patrick’s Day has become one of the nation’s favorite holidays to celebrate and party. Unfortunately, too many people are taking to the roads after drinking, making the holiday one of our most dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 252 people lost their lives in drunk driving-related crashes during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday period from 2011-2015.

More than a fourth of them were killed in drunk driving crashes that occurred in the early morning, post-party hours (midnight to 5:59 a.m.). That’s why local police departments and the California Office of Traffic Safety are teaming up to reach all drivers with an important life-saving message and warning: Don’t Drive Impaired by Drugs or Alcohol.

The Glenn Reitz Murder: An Introduction


MADERA - In 1977 I entered junior high school in the small Central California town of Madera. While I thought I knew everything and had experienced things that other twelve year old boys had not, it would be many years before my eyes would be opened to the big picture and the truth about people: We should all be treated equally no matter what the differences.

I was an only child of conservative Republican parents with country club memberships. Dad was an accountant and a member of the Elk's and Masonic Lodges. Mom was also involved in community service clubs. Being an only child, I had the full attention of my parents most times. I sometimes forgot that I was only a lad and my mouth occasionally landed me in some real trouble.

The Glenn Reitz Murder: Crime Scene


MADERA - On Tuesday March 19, 1985 Thomas Jefferson Junior High English teacher Glenn Reitz failed to show up for school. This was something school Principal Ben Barsotti thought was very unusual for the teacher he hired thirteen years earlier.

Phone calls were made to Reitz home, but there was no answer. Being that Reitz only lived a half a block from the Sunset Avenue school on Rotan Street, Barsotti decided to walk over to the teacher's home. What he found was something no one had expected to see in the little town of Madera.

The Glenn Reitz Murder: Time Line


MADERA - In 1985, Glenn Reitz was living a full life. At the time of his death he was helping form a drum and bugle corps for the Boy Scouts of America. He was in great physical shape from working out six days a week. He was water skiing on one day and snow skiing the next. He had friends that cared for him. He had students who remember fondly how he would offer his help in and out of the classroom. And he had his secret life.

Once the Madera Police got this case Detectives Dale Padgett and David Foster did a great job of piecing together the last 48 hours of the Thomas Jefferson teacher's life. Through phone records, interviews and good police work almost every hour of Reitz's last 48 hours was accounted for in the police reports. Of course we do not know for sure who was in the house with Reitz when he was killed but we do know who he came in contact with shortly before.


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