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Madera’s Mayor and Former Mayor Team Up for Pomegranate Festival Video

MADERA -  As the city of Madera prepares for the third annual Madera Pomegranate Festival on November 2, current mayor Robert Poythress and former mayor Brett Frazier have teamed up to create a video promoting the upcoming event.

The video, a parody of the popular song Thrift Shop, is a follow up to last year’s video which was a parody of Party Rock. Frazier appeared in last year’s video as well.

Madera South Death Car Had Known Problems With Door Locks

MUSD Superintendent Refuses to Answer Attendance Policy Failure Questions

MADERA - The preliminary autopsy results for Graciela Martinez, fourteen year old freshman that died at Madera South High School Wednesday, indicate that the minor most likely died from environmental hyperthermia known commonly as heat stroke.  Final determination can not be made until lab results are received and examined.

High School Girl Found Dead at Madera South

MADERA - A fourteen year-old Madera South High student was found dead in the back of her brother's car Wednesday around 3:00 pm. Officers of the Madera Police Department were dispatched to the Madera Community Hospital regarding the death after the victim had been transported to the hospital by her brother.



Detective Robert Salas of the Madera Police Department said, "Preliminary investigation reveals that the female had accompanied her brother to school as they both attend Madera South.  He had an early class and she stayed behind inside their vehicle as her class started an hour later. After school he went to his vehicle and discovered his sister in the back seat."

Fairmead Party Turns Deadly – One Dead Two More Injured

MADERA COUNTY -- A party turned deadly in Fairmead shortly after midnight Friday. One person is dead, two others hospitalized – all three victims of gunshot wounds.

According to reports, Deputies responded to complaints of loud music at a home located on Sinclair Drive (located near Road 19 ½ and Avenue 22 ½).

Madera Mayor encourages people to "Pomegranate Rock"

2nd Annual Pomegranate Festival Nov. 3rd @ Madera Municipal Airport

MADERA - Madera Mayor Brett "Ginger Ice" Frazier is encouraging people to “Pomegranate Rock” and a new video featuring him is showing people how.

“We wanted to show the world that Madera California is the Heart of Pomegranate Country and invite people to come see us during the Pomegranate Festival,” said Frazier. “So we figured there was no better way than a parody video.”

The video is a parody of LFMAO’s hit Party Rock called Pomegranate Rock.

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