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For the last twenty-four years we have successfully marketed our online services to the Central Valley. Beginning in 1989, we opened the first online bulletin board in Madera County that two years later was recognized as one of the nations top 15 BBS's in the county by Boardwatch Magazine.
Six years later we launched as Madera County's first online newspaper. Millions of user sessions later we are still a valley leader in online communication delivering to online readers from Merced to Tulare county's.

Today through Big Valley Media we not only report the news online and deliver your online advertising to our reader, we can also manage our advertisers entire Social Media campaign. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, we will make sure your message gets out to your new and loyal customers every day.

Social Media users participate in a complex web of interactions where they communicate and interact with each other within an ever-expanding, diverse living community. It is difficult, never ending, always changing, time consuming, time sensitive, at times overwhelming, and definitely mandatory for conducting business in our day and age.

Big Valley Media Marketing has a unique strategy for building and managing client profiles.  For a fraction of the time and cost of a full-time employee, Big Valley Media can help you add thousands of contacts to your social media profile, while using social media management expertise to interact with all your contacts.

“MANAGEMENT” is the key word! Big Valley Media will manage your social media profiles by building contact lists, filtering contacts, maintaining a professional profile image, keeping interaction personal yet professional, monitoring interaction for potential business “leads,” and responding to interaction in a timely manner.

Oftentimes, business managers and marketing coordinators struggle to manage social media; not knowing how to properly build, maintain, or focus on this form of outreach nor do they always have the time to prioritize this form of communication.

Social Media is our expertise and where we do business all day, every day at Big Valley Media. Call us and let us show you what we will do as your Social Media Manager.

as of January 1, 2017

Big Valley News Business Directory Advertising


Elite Business Directory Listing -  One Year Run
Includes Address, Phone, Fax, Email, URL, Logo & Description



Basic Business Directory Listing w/address -  One Year Run


Add Phone Number, Fax Number & Email -  One Year Run


Add Web URL, Logo & Description - One Year Run


Big Valley News Banner Advertising


Orange Box Ad 900x90 - 30 Day Run


Static Side Button 125x125 30 Day Run


Big Box Rotation Ad 300x300 - 30 Day Run


Bottom Large Ad 728x60 - 30 Day Run


Top Page Ad 468x60 - 30 Day Run


Bottom Page Ad 468x60 - 30 Day Run


Side Rotation Medium Ad 130x300 - 30 Day Run


Top Rotation (Slot Machine) Ad 295x60 - 30 Day Run


Bottom Rotation (Slot Machine) Ad 295x60 - 30 Day Run


Obituaries -  90 Day Run


Social Media Management


Facebook Management - 30 Days


Twitter Management - 30 Day


YELP Management - 30 Day


Social Media Management (All Three) - 30 Day


Big Valley Media Services


Web Design


Ad Design Fee - No Charge on Two Year Contracts


Elite Ad Design Fee - No Charge on Two Year Contracts


Initial Consultation ($75 per hour)

(1st Hour)

Call (559) 477-4275 For More Information
50% Discount For 30 Day Run Ads on One Year Contracts

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