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City Planning Commission Punishes Success If You Have The Wrong Last Name Print E-mail
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Written by B|V|N Newsroom   
Sunday, 24 July 2016 14:45

City Attempts To Shut Down Sixty Year Old Gym
to Make Room For Planet Fitness

EDITORIAL - There is an interesting thing about access at the Madera City Hall. Certain last names seem to be able to open doors to projects that get very little oversight from the planning commission. If your name is Dave Berry and you want to add another row of houses to a subdivision, the city doesn't mind rerouting major thoroughfares around the extra backyards and fences. If you want to build a three story bank that is two stories taller than any other building in the area and it over looks the private backyards of a residential subdivision, that's no problem either.

In the 1980's if your name is DaSilva and you want to build a gym that you just purchased from a city councilman and mayor, the parking requirements that every other business would be required to follow won't be applied to you. After all you are Lee DaSilva and you just built the expansion to the Memorial Stadium at Madera High School with dangerously small steps to the VIP seating and no one cared about that.

MADERA BOS SECRET MEETINGS: County Electeds Not Employees Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by B|V|N Newsroom   
Wednesday, 13 July 2016 21:29

EDITORIAL - An item appeared on the Madera County Board of Supervisor's agenda that made a few heads turn this week. Apparently there is a new group of unrepresented employees who need to negotiate their salaries and benefits in closed session this year, the Board of Supervisors.

Item "2-f" was a request for a closed session discussion which had something to do with labor negotiations pursuant to the California Government Code Section 54957.6. The county labor management was going to be represented by Chief Administrative Officer Eric Fleming and his deputy from Human Relations, Adrienne Calip. The unrepresented employees were each of the board of supervisors, Assessor Gary Svanda, Auditor Todd Miller, Recorder/Clerk Rebecca Martinez, District Attorney David Linn, Sheriff Jay Varney and Treasurer Tracy Kennedy. Here after known as "The Electeds".

EDITORIAL: Extremely Careless Has Consequences, Usually. Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Glenn Mollette   
Monday, 11 July 2016 21:12
EDITORIAL - When I was sixteen years old I drove my old 64 Chevelle about 70 mph to school one morning and ended up over a steep bank which resulted in a two week hospital stay. I am fortunate I lived. I was young and careless.
Most of us have been young and careless. However, you don't have to be young to be careless, just ask Hillary Clinton or FBI director James B. Comey. Sometimes the most affluent, most prestigious people in some of our highest offices can be extremely careless and stupid. I added the stupid part. Comey didn't say she was stupid but a lot of American people think Clinton is stupid. I'm still talking about Hillary but you might of thought I meant Bill Clinton. Hey, wait a minute nobody is stupid who can make millions of dollars giving speeches.
Who is Planet Fitness and Do I Want to Give Them Access to My Checking Account? Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by B|V|N Newsroom   
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 20:56

MADERA - There are many in this community excited that Planet Fitness is coming to town but none more than the officials at the city of Madera. The fitness chains expansion into the over fifty year old Bethard Square Shopping Center marks the first of what the city is hoping is a complete remodel of this once dilapidated center with mass vacancies and asbestos filled, leaking, moldy ceilings.

The former owner of the center let the property go over the years, but the property was sold last summer following an online auction. The Madera Unified School District Board of Trustees held two closed session meetings to discuss purchasing the property for new district offices but after an inspection tour it was clear to the district that there was just too much damage from neglect to the building to make any remodel feasible let alone economically sound.

Big Valley News Endorses Foley and Poythress Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Jack W Porter, Jr.   
Monday, 06 June 2016 10:57

EDITORIAL - Today is election day and there are two important local races that will effect the future of the city of Madera and Madera County. Big Valley News is recommending a vote for  Cece Foley Gallegos for Madera City Council District 1 and Robert Poythress for Madera County Board of Supervisors District 3.

Madera City Council District 1

The problem with knowing someone your whole life in a small town is sometimes little things grown into a life time of resentment.  I know there are people that dislike every single thing I do including this endorsement, but I also know there are people (not just my wife and kids) that love me and know I have always had the best of intentions in everything I do.


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