Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Did County Auditor Marcia Hall Tell The Truth at Madera Chamber Forum? Print E-mail
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Written by News Room   
Saturday, 05 April 2014 08:35

MADERA - Last Monday at the Madera Chamber of Commerce Candidate's Forum appointed Madera County Auditor Marcia Hall was asked two questions regarding her private practice CPA firm and her primary residence. On both questions Mrs. Hall avoided the word MERCED. Her answers can most accurately be described as evasive and/or defensive. On the answers for both questions Big Valley News had to ask for clarification, speaking from the audience.

Madera Tribune publisher Chuck Doud asked both county auditor candidates where their private practice CPA firms were located. Oakhurst CPA Todd Miller clearly answered that his firm was located in Oakhurst and offered information about the size of his firm and the kind of work his firm does for his clients.

Marcia Hall: Full Time County Auditor or Private CPA? - Full Time Madera or Merced Resident? Print E-mail
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Written by News Room   
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 09:57

MADERA - In January of 2012 Marcia Hall was appointed to complete the term of former Madera County Auditor/Controller Janet Kroeger by a unanimous vote from the Madera County Board of Supervisors. However no one advised Ms. Hall at the time that as an (appointed) elected official, she had to live in Madera County in order to hold that position.

A year later the board realized that the advice given to them by former county counsel Doug Nelson was wrong and that Hall would have to move to Madera County from Merced if she wanted to continue in her current (appointed) elected position. For the next several months Hall claimed she was looking for a house to rent in the Chowchilla area and each time she spoke at the weekly board of supervisors meetings it seemed like her search for a Madera County residence was a running joke that the board was in on.

Madera Unified Delaying Records Turn Over on Trustee's Taxpayer Paid Dinners Print E-mail
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Written by News Room   
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 10:29
EDITORIAL - What is the Madera Unified School District hiding from the public related to the dinners the board of trustees receive before each and every meeting?

Last week Big Valley News issued a public records request for information about dinners which the district provides it's trustees before their twice a month meetings. This morning we received a call from the district informing us they are delaying our legal California Public Records Act request, wanting us to resubmit our request on yet another form.

EDITORIAL: The Olympics, Russia and America, People are People Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Glenn Mollette   
Tuesday, 18 February 2014 09:45
EDITORIAL - I've enjoyed the winter Olympics. So far as I write this there have not been any terror attacks and for this we are all glad. The Olympics are expensive.  Russia has spent in the mega billions to host this world event.  The competition of athletes from around the world is inspiring.


I've never been to Russia but after watching these events on television I believe I would like to go. Russia has been one of those places that seemed almost off the planet for modest travelers such as myself.  I suspect that I have traveled abroad more than the average American. Beyond a doubt there are good people in every place I've ever been.
EDITORIAL: Do We Still See Colored People? Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Glenn Mollette   
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 15:51
EDITORIAL - President Lyndon Johnson visited Martin county Kentucky in 1964. I was nine years old.  We were considered the poorest county in the United States. Most of us did not know we were poor but we would soon find out from Johnson and the national media.


At that time, there were no African Americans living in Martin County. From first grade through my senior year in high school, I did not attend school with any African Americans. Occasionally we would play a basketball team that had African American players.


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