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Trump's Inauguration - Ugly American Rancor Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Dr. Glenn Mollette   
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 19:00
EDITORIAL - Like it not Donald Trump is your President. Even if you claim he is not your President - he is. If you continue your citizenship in America he is your President. I heard and read reports of people who said they would leave the United States if Trump were elected President.

How many have left or when are they leaving? Don't let the door hit you on the behind when you leave. Actually, that's not the attitude to have. The correct attitude is, "Come on people now love one another," or something like that.
Farinelli's Farewell to Madera County: Why You Should Always Vote in All Elections Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Rick Farinelli   
Friday, 06 January 2017 16:56

EDITORIAL - I am not a politician, I am a public servant. That is why I am writing this warning to those who think it’s acceptable to sit out an election.
For months now I fought a hard campaign against a polished politician that ran an unethical campaign which I refused to partake in.

My opponent’s campaign team, made up of a well-known dirty campaign manager, a media gadfly and muckraker, and unethical family members, ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in Madera County history. This actually backfired on him and his committee.
Homeless Invited to Farinelli's Farewell Reception - Board to Reward Supervior With Cushy County Job Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Jack W Porter, Jr.   
Monday, 12 December 2016 21:06

EDITORIAL - For the first time in Madera County history a farewell reception will be held for a person publicly fired from his job. Someone for whom the vast majority of voters said "Absolutely Not" to a second term. The reception is being held for the one-term member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors, Rick Farinelli, who was overwhelmingly defeated in the June primary by former Madera Mayor Robert Poythress.

A reception for a man who bullied his assistant into leaving his job because Rick wanted to appoint his own assistant even though the position was supposed to be protected from politics by the civil service commission? Then three months later he fired his second assistant who was a decororated Gulf War Veteran when his first choice Teabegger assistant was available to take the job. .

Trump - What Americans Can Do Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Glenn Mollette   
Wednesday, 16 November 2016 14:52
EDITORIAL - Donald Trump is our next President of the United States. It's amazing what Americans can do. America elected him to be our 45th President. The political establishment bashed him. Wall Street opposed him. Most of the prior Republican candidates opposed him. Mitt Romney opposed him. John Kasick, Governor of Ohio made a buffoon of himself by voting for John McCain of Arizona. McCain did not support Trump. Rob Portman, Senator of Ohio did not support Trump. The Bush family was anti Trump. Barack Obama was obviously opposed to Trump. Paul Ryan would not even include Trump at a speaking engagement in Wisconsin.

We were told that women were opposed to Trump and many were.  However, I read one account after another of women working like crazy to elect Trump. It seemed the entertainment world was opposed to Trump. Apparently many of them said they would move out of America if Trump was elected. LeBron James was opposed to Trump. I rooted for Cleveland to win the NBA championship. I'll root for them again but I kept wishing LeBron would just focus more on his jumping up and down for the Cleveland Indians. I thought he was a sensational cheerleader during the World Series. Beyoncé, Jay Z and Lady Gaga all sang and danced to elect Hillary and defeat Trump. I read were Latinos were opposed to Trump but that 29% of them voted for him. Were all African Americans opposed to Trump? I saw numerous African Americans on television extolling Trump during the campaign.
MUSD Superintendent Accuses Lynn Cogdill of "Deceiving the Public" Print E-mail
News - Opinion
Written by Jack W Porter, Jr.   
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 10:00

EDITORIAL - Madera Unified Superintendent Edward Gonzalez has called MUSD Trustee candidate Lynn Cogdill's Facebook page deceptive to the public. This follows the candidates posting of a video which implies that the superintendent has endorsed the former board member's candidacy for the district six seat in next weeks election.

"I am not endorsing any candidate for school board. I have asked Mr. Cogdill to remove my likeness from his Facebook page, and he has refused to do so, stating that he is not messaging that I support him, but rather that he supports me. I think the Facebook page is deceiving to the public."   Ed Gonzalez said in an email sent to local media on Monday.


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