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We're Going To Need A Bigger … Everything! Pizza Hut Introduces Big Flavor Dippers Pizza

PLANO, TEXAS - Pizza night across the country is getting a big upgrade thanks to the newest innovation from Pizza Hut: The Big Flavor Dippers Pizza. Designed for dipping, the Big Flavor Dippers Pizza is a nearly two-foot long pizza that's divided into 24 dipping strips, making the pizza eating experience interactive and fun.

The pizza comes with a choice of 10 crust flavors from the Flavor of Now™ menu, such as Hut Favorite, Toasted Cheddar and Salted Pretzel, as well as four flavorful dipping sauces including Marinara, Ranch, Barbeque and Honey Sriracha.

Pete & Marias Serving the Ranchos a Great Pizza

BVN RESTAURANT REVIEW - Have been wanting to try this place out for a while. Their menu items were a little pricey,  $12 for pasta dinner. So we opted for a pizza.

We ordered the GIANT combo pizza with anchovies.  The toppings were plenty and very fresh. What I like the most about the pie was the butt load of cheese. You couldn't see the toppings because there was so much cheese.

Squeeze Inn Second Review: Second Time's a Charm

BVN RESTAURANT REVIEW - This is my second review of this restaurant. My first focused on the price and an unfortunate use of what appeared to be a dirty ice bucket. On my second visit,  it was clear those two issues were addresses.

In my first review I said the burger was tasty and the unique cheese skirt was different and provided a nice cheese appetizer. Like the first time the burger on the second time was very good.

Fresno State Grad Mark Beringer to Join Beringer Vineyards as Chief Winemaker

Returning Family Legacy to one of Napa Valley's Premier Wineries

NAPA - Beringer Vineyards today announces the hiring of Mark Beringer as Chief Winemaker beginning April 20th, 2015. A direct descendant of founding brother Jacob Beringer, Mark brings a familial passion as well as decades of winemaking experience to Beringer. "It's an honor to step in and continue the legacy of winemaking that Beringer has long been known for. I am incredibly excited to craft wines that reflect the best of Napa Valley - the very same sentiment that led my great-great-grandfather to establish Beringer in 1876," said Mark Beringer. Most recently at Artesa with additional experience at Duckhorn, Mark brings great winemaking skill as well as years of working across a variety of Napa Valley vineyards and appellations.

Taco Express Mexican Food - High School Close

RESTAURANT REVIEW - My wife and I have been wanting to try this new Mexican restaurant in Madera near the high school. So today for lunch we stopped for a quick bite to eat. This is a small,  eight table place without much in the way of decor. I'm sure in time decorations will go up and the place will develop some character.
 The music from the stereo was a little loud which made hear the gentleman taking our orders a little difficult but we got through it. I ordered the burrito supreme and my wife ordered the quesadillas. Both chicken and both were about $5.50 each. We also ordered drinks and out total was around $15. Not bad for the food we got.

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