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TWO WHEELS ON THE ROAD: New Years Day Ride After A Year Off The Bike with Virtigo

EDITORIAL - For me the year 2017 was a year off the motorcycle while I was dealing with issues of vertigo and dizziness. In October of 2016 on my way home from Reno’s Street Vibration I popped a hole in my left eardrum while coming across the pass into Lake Tahoe from Carson City.

I had my wireless headphones on in my helmet and it was blasting out my music at a much higher volume than it should have been. A fifty-one year old head banger that always yells at his kids to turn down that damn music, didn’t follow his own advice.

70th Anniversary: Hollister Independance Rally Huge Success

HOLLISTER, CA - The bikes rolled back into Hollister, California last Friday for the now annual Independence Rally hosted by city. The of this historic rally was San Benito Street right in the middle of the city’s downtown. Motorcycles filled the city’s main street for a four block area where vendors sold everything from t-shirts to motorcycles along the side roads.

This year marked the seventh anniversary of historic American Motorcycle Association sanctioned Gypsy Tour Event held in the city where "evil bikers" (the 1%) invaded the city in 1947.  After staged photo outside Johnny's Bar was published in Life Magazine in 1947, followed by a Harper's Magazine's article "The Cyclists Raid" and the Marlon Brando movie "The Wild Ones" hit the theaters, the legend of the outlaw biker was born. However the events in Hollister in 1947 bore little resemblances to the movie or the article, the bikers did not run amok nor become violent.

Reno's Street Vibrations Safe, Successful Motorcycle Rally

RENO - The Fall motorcycle rally in Reno known as Street Vibrations rolled out of town Sunday night after a hugely successful and safe weekend of entertainment, poker runs and fun. It is estimated the 22nd annual rally brought in more than $114 million into the local economy through hotels, restaurants, gasoline and sales from the more than 50,000 participants.

 On Thursday television star Erik Estrada served as grand marshal for the parade of police bikes to kick off the event. He later sat for a meet and greet where fans took photos and got autographs from the "CHiP's" star. Estrada wasn't the only entertainment, bands from across the country performed at the over ten stages through-out the rally in Reno, Carson City and Virginia City.

Hollister Freedom Rally Attracts Over 40,000 Bikers

Hollister - The city of Hollister is a great example of how the media can manipulate their readers into believing anything. After a staged photo taken outside of Johnny's Bar in 1947 and a story of the 1% evil bikers invasion of the city during a sanctioned Gypsy Tour Event of the American Motorcycle Association, the legend of the rebel without a cause wild ones American Biker was born, even if they were riding English bikes.

Well motorcycling is still alive and well in the city of Hollister and this last weekend over 40,000 bikers passed though the city for the Hollister Freedom Rally. The free event attracted hundreds of vendors to feed the bikers and provided goods from souvenir t-shirts to leathers and accent lighting kits. If it had anything to do with motorcycles, someone was selling it in downtown Hollister.

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