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EDITORIAL: Tooley Retires After Nearly 25 Years with City - Tribune Attacks Council and Administration Over Salaries

EDITORIAL – Last night at the Madera City Council’s closed session meeting City Manager David Tooley offered to take an early retirement and resign from the city. The city council accepted and by the end of the year Tooley will no longer be an employee of the city. Though he has offered to help with the transition to new leadership. Those are the facts.

This is exactly what happened last night and nothing more. Well that is not exactly true a little more happened last night that you might not find on the pages of Saturday’s Madera Tribune. Last night David Tooley showed what kind of man he is and demonstrated extreme leadership in the face of journalistic speculation and innuendo. Last night David Tooley put the city of Madera above his own self interest. I doubt that will ever appear in the Madera Tribune. News like that doesn't sell newspapers.

EDITORIAL: Have a “Good One” and Other Awkward Small Talk

EDITORIAL - There is a phrase that seems to have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. It doesn't seem to be limited to any socio-economic group and it is used by people of all ages. I've had it said to me by everyone from cashiers at the local McDonald's to the bank tellers at Wells Fargo.

The phrase can be confusing because it doesn't make sense when taken literally. Yet there isn't a day that goes by that I don't here it at least ten times. “Have a Good One”. What the heck does that mean?

EDITORIAL: Enforce Illegal Firework Laws or Outlaw All Fireworks

EDITORIAL – Now that the Fourth of July is behind us, maybe the our homes will stop being bombarded with the rocket’s red glare of five pound mortar shells exploding over our wood roofs and dry grass. But if past years are any indicator, the cease fire will more than likely end as soon as the Sun goes down on the Fifth of July.

With fines and criminal penalties going up each year for the possession and use of illegal fireworks, why does it seem that every year the neighborhood displays are more and more competing against the professional shows put on at Grizzlies Stadium or the Madera Speedway?

For Those of You Talking MUSD Recall!

EDITORIAL - You people talking recall don't know the first thing about getting it going. You also don't know the first thing about the problems Mr. Gonzales has caused at Madera Unified.

If you owned a business Ramiro Alvarez, which I am sure you do not, what would you do to an employee that ignored your requests or was publicly and privately disrespectful to you? Read his evaluation in the Tribune. This guy need to be fired even before he was hired.

MUSD Superintendent Accuses Lynn Cogdill of "Deceiving the Public"

EDITORIAL - Madera Unified Superintendent Edward Gonzalez has called MUSD Trustee candidate Lynn Cogdill's Facebook page deceptive to the public. This follows the candidates posting of a video which implies that the superintendent has endorsed the former board member's candidacy for the district six seat in next weeks election.

"I am not endorsing any candidate for school board. I have asked Mr. Cogdill to remove my likeness from his Facebook page, and he has refused to do so, stating that he is not messaging that I support him, but rather that he supports me. I think the Facebook page is deceiving to the public."   Ed Gonzalez said in an email sent to local media on Monday.

Do You Really Know What Stand For What Trump Believes?

EDITORIAL - You say you are voting for Donald Trump. He stands in front of dozens of flags and tells people that he will pay court costs when a white man sucker punches a black man. You say nothing.

His vice president candidate refuses to call DAVID DUKE deplorable. You say nothing.He calls POWs losers. You say nothing. He calls Mexicans rapists and in front of those flags he advocates violating constitutional religious freedom protections. In front of American flags ... and you say nothing.

California Supreme Court Curbs Responses to Anti-SLAPP Motions

EDITORIAL - Individual elected officials are exercising their right to free speech when they cast their votes — even if those votes might be the result of corruption or based in a conflict of interest, the California Supreme Court has decided. The opinion, handed down Monday, includes an in-depth analysis of the State’s anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law. The law is designed to end lawsuits that chill the right to speak on issues of public concern.

The opinion in City of Montebello v Vasquez stems from an allegedly tainted waste disposal contract for the City of Montebello. Amid allegations of votes purchased with campaign contributions, recall elections and a referral to the District Attorney, a private citizen sued the City to invalidate the contract under Government Code section 1090, asserting it was the product of bribery — campaign contributions offered and then delivered.


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