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Has Downtown Madera Grown Apart From Downtown Association?

Another Big Valley News Exclusive Editorial

- Thursday night folks who would never think of venturing past the railroad tracks into Downtown Madera after dark will stroll around with wine glasses or cider mugs filling maps with rubber stamps to win a $500 shopping spree at stores they’ve never shopped at before. Yes its time for the annual Madera Downtown Association’s “Candlelight Christmas Parade & Wine Stroll”.

Conflict of Interest For Sheriff John Anderson To Nail Drunk Drivers?

Another Exclusive Big Valley News Editorial

Madera County
Saturday night while I was driving west on Avenue 12 in Madera County I came across a drunk driver near the Madera Center. I called 911 to alert the California Highway Patrol. On the first call the phone disconnected on the transfer. On the second call I received a recorded message and was put on hold.

While on hold the drunk driver turned off of Avenue 12 and started heading in the direction of the Madera County Sheriff’s Department so I called them directly only to hear the dispatcher say “We do not handle traffic or drunk drivers. We send those to the CHP.”

Condiment or Topping: Is Me N Eds Setting Trend


Madera - Me n Ed's Pizza is probably the best example of California brick oven pizza on the West Coast. The toppings are fresh and the dough passes the ultimate test, it is still great the next day cold. The problem isn't with the pizza, the service or even the restaurant but something that I hope doesn't become a trend; charging for ranch dressing.

Where the Hell is Madera North? Where the Hell is the Coyote Bear?

Story Update: The Coyote Bear is Back at Black Bear!

- Where the hell is Madera North? I don’t know how many times a week I hear a life long resident of Madera refer to this city’s original high school as “North”.

Just this week the secretary for the principal at Madera South, who I think was in the original graduating class at Madera High a hundred and fourteen years ago, referred to MHS as “North”

An Experience in Poop at Madera Community Hospital

Madera -  My youngest daughter’s doctor needed a “stool” sample that we would have to transport to the Madera Community Hospital’s laboratory within an hour entering the world. I don’t really want to get into the details how we had to get the sample in the cup. I am just happy that it was solid but concerned that it was green. Is that to much information?

Well I hit the road with her sample in hand, well the cup in hand, and made my way to the hospital. I called my ex-wife who took my daughter to the doctor to find out exactly where this cup of green poop had to go.


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