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Ficklin Vineyards Continues 70th Harvest & History of Most Awarded Ports in America

MADERA - As Ficklin Vineyards continues its 70th harvest, they remain focused on the principles the winery founded during its inception in 1946: producing highly acclaimed Ports using authentic Portuguese grape varieties and traditional Port-making methods. Peter Ficklin, Master Winemaker and President of Ficklin Vineyards, is proud to lead his family's legacy winery into the top 1-1/2 percentile in longevity of all wineries in the U.S.

Visitors from around the world are making Ficklin Vineyards a stop during their travels to California to experience their world-renowned Port. Tour groups from China and Canada have become commonplace as they travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles enjoying a stop in Ficklin's Tasting Room.

When Ficklin Vineyards’ 1991 Vintage Port joined an International Olympic-style competition shortly after release, it won a silver medal--the only Port to receive one of the three medals awarded--above all entered Ports, including those from Portugal. In 2015 at the California State Fair – it continued its winning streak with a Gold medal. “There is perhaps no greater testament to the viability of the [Central Valley] region for Port than Ficklin’s rare older vintages, which only occasionally enter the market…they are impressively rich and ready to enjoy immediately. In that respect, Ficklin’s treasures may be some of the best values in the world of rare and exotic American wines,” reports The Wine Enthusiast.

Peter's impact on the wine industry extends to a national scale. Numerous interns who have worked with Peter Ficklin at the winery have gone on to success at wineries of their own--throughout California, the United States, and internationally. Peter has distinguished himself as a well-respected consultant in the industry, working with numerous winemakers across the US providing them custom Port.

In 2012, Peter accepted the Wine Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the wine industry from the California State Fair. Extending his 38+ years experience, Peter still gives his personal attention to each step in the Port-making process and the decisions that keep Ficklin Vineyards a valued gem in the Central Valley.

"Harvest time is an opportunity to witness and participate in the sounds, aromas, texture and flavors of fermentation -- the special time we transition from grapes to wine. Through the years, observation of these aspects become second nature and evolves to an understanding beyond chemistry and physical measurement. Every sense takes part -- how it appears, what it feels like, the aromas, the sounds and, of course, how it tastes," explains Peter Ficklin.

Ficklin Care's About Those Impacted By California's Wildfires

Ficklin Vineyards supports relief efforts of the American Red Cross for the wildfires spread throughout California this year in wine country north, central, and south. Many of our associates, clients, and vendors in the wine industry have suffered losses, both personally and with their businesses.

With each purchase of a special dedicated bottle of "We Care" Old Vine Tinta Port, Ficklin Vineyards will donate $10 to the American Red Cross for California wildfire relief efforts.  We Care Wildfire Benefit Bottle.

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