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MHS Security Investigated For Inappropriate Contact with Students

MADERA - School officials from Madera High School were alerted Tuesday morning to a situation that may involve a school security officer improperly contacting a 14 year-old female student via social media. The administration contacted the student's parents and law enforcement to begin the investigation.

Following the meeting of school officials, law enforcement and the student's parents, the child's mother “went live” in front of the school with a Facebook video that has now been seen by over 3000 social media users.

Desiree Genera, mother of the victim, has worked with former Fresno City Councilman Mike Briggs on his You Tube show in Fresno and now produces her own show where she has built a respectable following. When she left the meeting at Madera High regarding this incident, she was dissatisfied with the answers she was getting. In particular she felt her question about whether or not the security guard would be allowed back to work Wednesday morning was not answered in a way that assured her that her child would be safe at the school.

The videos can be seen on the mother's Facebook page. Mrs. Genera is obviously upset by what may have happened at the school and clearly expresses the same frustrations any parents would express if in the same situation. What she might not have realized was those videos have caused several other young ladies to come forward with their experiences with this security guard.

According to Genera, she has read several social media posts and text messages from this employee to other school-aged girls and her concerns are that the incident with her daughter may have been just the beginning stages of this person “grooming” the young lady for future sexual contact. Genera told Big Valley News, “From the messages I have read I am sure this person has already had sexual relations with a senior from the school who was over the age of eighteen.”

In a series of messages sent after midnight on March 20, 2017 that Genera has release on her Facebook page this security guard tells a student who has a baby, “I would love to be a part of your family”.

Superintendent Todd Lile of the Madera Unified School District released this statement regarding the situation, “Allegations of this nature are extremely disconcerting and do not reflect the high professional standards the district expects of anyone working with our students.  Madera Unified does not take this allegation lightly and will continue to work with law enforcement.  ”.

Big Valley News has reached out to the security guard on Facebook and via his cellular phone number. As of press time he has not returned our phone calls. Stayed tuned to BVN for more information on this story as it becomes available.

If you have any information about this case or you have receieved simular emails or text messages from this security guard you are asked to contact the Madera Police Department at (559) 675-4200.

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