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High School Football Player Scores Touchdowns While Raising Thousands for Valley Children's Hospital

MADERA RANCHOS - Kaleb Roth, a senior at Liberty High School in Madera, California is going "Beyond the Game" for the sake of children at Valley Children's Hospital in Madera, CA. Kaleb is the running back on his high school football team and a year ago started an initiative called "Beyond the Game".

The goal is to raise $10 for every point the varsity team scores and donate that money to Valley Children's Hospital.  Roth says, "I've been given the opportunity to play football, the game I love, and I know there are a lot of kids who'd love to be able to play this game as well.  I want to use the opportunity I have to reach beyond the game to make their lives a little better somehow." 

Kaleb came up with the idea last season as a Junior and asked his head coach, Mike Nolte, if it would be ok to mix this initiative with the football team.  Coach Nolte fully embraced the idea.  Kaleb then approached the team to get their buy in.  The team fully embraced the idea.  And thus, "Beyond the Game" became a reality.  Nolte says, "It wasn't overly surprising he'd do something like that, because he's just that kind of kid."

Roth isn't satisfied with just success on the field, he wants his team to have an impact on others. Last football season "Beyond the Game" raised $4,000.00 for Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno. The money raised helps fund the Child Life Program at Valley Children's. The resources in the program come from donations like what Roth and the LHS football team are generating, giving kids dealing with long term illnesses a chance to just be kids and enjoy playing.

Roth says when he scores a TD he knows he's getting 6 points for his team, and $60.00 for kids.  He says, "We are here to win football games, but we are also here to leave a lasting impact on other aspects of life." 

So far this season the Liberty Football Hawks have scored 248 points in the first 5 games.  The goal is $5000.00 this year, so the team keeps working, and keeps scoring points. Roth says, "We are on the field to win football games, that's our sole focus. To do that we need to score points. But we also know that as we score points we are making kid's lives better.  We want to do for one what we wish we could do for all."

Funds are donated by community members, businesses, and individuals who believe in the value of this initiative.  A website for Beyond the Game can be found at www.beyondthegamehawks.com

For further info on how to be a part of this initiative email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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